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Content marketing. You need it - Raimondo Fanale

ISBN: 9788897826484
AUTEUR: Raimondo Fanale

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Omschrijving: audience to your business and turn them to customers ... What Exactly Is Content Marketing and Why Do You Need It ... ... . Likewise, content marketers need to learn new skills to keep up with the changing marketing landscape. And in order to achieve your content marketing targets in 2020, you need to train your content marketers to acquire these skills. Content marketing is nothing but a long-term strategy that relies on persuading and compelling content. So, you need to be careful at every step while creating a strategy for your business. Here are some steps to create an effective content ma ... Content Marketing 101: All You Need to Know | Techfunnel ... . Here are some steps to create an effective content marketing strategy for your business: Think About the Content You Are About to Create What Is Content Marketing & Do You Actually Need It? Posted at 10:52h in Content Marketing , Marketing Strategy by Clare VanderWeele If cold calling rocks your socks off, if sales emails are your secret sauce, and if you've mastered the art of persuasion with the mere sound of your voice, then no, you don't need content marketing. Here are 5 content marketing trends you need to know for 2020. 1. Video and live-streaming. Video and live-streaming are the hottest types of content online right now. You need someone to come up with the content, to write the content, to edit the content, to post the content and to market the content. You may get lucky and find one person to take on all of those responsibilities, but often times, you'll have to hire separately for at least the writing, editing and marketing parts. Can you believe 2018 is almost here? It seems like just yesterday I was putting together my 2016 content marketing plans. Q4 is an important time for marketing teams as we begin building out our 2018 strategies. As content marketers, we'll take a look back at what we did in 2017 and what drove the […] Everything you need to know to get started with content marketing, improve your processes, and excel in today's digital world can be found on our daily publication, premium content, email newsletter, IMPACT Elite, our podcasts, and YouTube channel. When you're looking for inspiring B2B content marketing examples, GE is a great place to start. We're not talking about washer-dryers and vacuum cleaners, but about the company's other business: wind turbines, jet engines, locomotives and so on. Content marketing is what I am all about, but you might be wondering "what IS content marketing? WHY do I need this?" I a...